Daily Writing Prompt

Caught myself scouring the shelves at Target and came across a book of daily writing posts. I liked the idea so much, that I decided to download a free version. #frugalnotcheap you will find these here.

September 7: What is one luxurious item you cannot live without?

What is luxury? To a child in a third world country, clean water and shelter is a luxury. Having a meal more than once a day could be considered luxurious. Here in America, many luxurious items are trivialized and deemed a need. Something we cannot live without.

An easy out is claiming some sort of technology, yet when I leave my phone at home, my day seems to be more relaxed and calm. When there is no television to watch, my productivity level skyrockets. Those can be lived without, and it could be beneficial.

The luxury that I couldn’t live without is having my mother alive, well, and fully involved in my life. Not everyone has their parents strong, and I’m down to my last one. My father passed one day before my sixth birthday, and my mom had been holding it down ever since. 

The things that matter the most are usually taken for granted and replaced by material items that have a monetary value branded to them. I Stevie m argue that the truly luxurious unlivewithoutable blessings are our loved ones and the memories created with them.

Share your luxurious item in the comments.


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