Dez Definitely Deserving of New Deal

The NFL was ready to pull the trigger on a fine against the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos on collusion because neither team could/would strike a deal with their 88 wearing, first intitial D having, franchise-tagged bad ass wide receivers.  Something had to be up.

As the deadline approached, both players were signed back to back, with nearly identical 5 year $70 million dollar deals.  The only difference was Bryant receiving an extra $1.5 million in guarantees.  So much for collusion…

Then came the post of one of my friends on Facebook – Corey White.

Everybody like yay for Dez $$. I promise you he will not have the same passion nor desire to win a super bowl as he once had. You know why cause he just won his Super Bowl. Athletes don’t play for Rings anymore they play for a new high paid contract.

The common rule says, “Don’t read the comments”, but I was way in the comments.  Many folks were completely misconstrued about players getting big contracts only to fade off into oblivion. Corey brought up players like Joe Flacco, or Brandon Carr as guys who have seen their play slip since they hit the jackpot.

Dez is not that guy.  All Dez wants to do it play football, and to play at the highest level in the entire NFL and he is a bad man.  Bryant averages over 1,300 yards in each of the last three seasons with an average of 13 touchdowns as well.  He draws an extra set of eyes each play he is on the field, and still produces at a high level.

Bryant and Thomas are in a different category because the bulk of their contracts are for them out playing their contract and the value they have on their respective teams.  If their play continues, they will both be able to get yet another contract at the age of 31.

Most free agents break the bank when they have a career season that coincides with the final year of their contract.  Ball out on your way out.  The majority of those guys that take get the big bucks  on their new squads rarely live up to the money, and that pisses that teams faithful off.

Don’t worry Cowboys fans.  Dez’s production wont be slipping anytime soon.  The kid is a monster.

Dez Bryant


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