One thing is life is fully guaranteed.

You’re gonna get hit and get hit hard.

Not everything is going to be hugs and Hallmark cards, but how you react is what the true test of your character.  You have to get up, dust yourself off, spike the ball, and tell life “Is that all you got?”  And if you’re seeing butterflies and stars, take a second to regain your wits.

It seems that more and more times these days, we want to complain about what has happened to us, or what is happening to us.  When one person tells about their downfalls, we have to one-up their misfortune with our own.  The person who can create the most sympathy wins, right?  Absolutely wrong.  I learn way more about the person that has been through the storm and still comes out swinging, ready for the next test.

Everything looks the worst when you’re in it, but there are blessings ahead.


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