BEWARE!! Road Bumps Ahead

There is literally millions of young people that are aspiring to be professional athletes, or be in a high ranking position in society.  Many kids aspire to be an NFL player, or the next LeBron James.  Others want to discover a cure for cancer or be a world renowned dancer.  It is safe to say that the odds are not in their favor for achieving such a feat, but it shouldn’t hamper their ambition to become the greatest at their desired profession.

Enter this image:nflodds

This shows that the chance to get to the NFL is highly unlikely out of the just over one million high school football players today in the United States.  I have read numbers that were slightly lower, in the 0.02% range that make it from an NFLPA site.  As discouraging as it may seem, these staggering statistics in the underdog position should inspire more than they hamper the dreams of the younger generation.

I truly believe that anyone can achieve any altitude that they can imagine if you ask me.  Your attitude will definitely determine your altitude in life.  But being able to understand what potholes are ahead, you can hedge your bets and be prepared for a different outcome than you had primarily anticipated.

I was never supposed to be an NFL starting wide receiver at any cost if you asked any scout in my 2004 senior football season at West Texas A&M.  But by the grace of God, and my level of determination, I literally made something out of nothing.  I understood that Division II players rarely made it to the NFL, unless they were the cream of the crop.  Names like Daniel Manning, Johnny Knox, and Chaun Thompson come to mind.  Those players were men among boys.  I took a bet on myself and took the uncharted route that led to an NFL career.

I knew the risks, and my chances of making it, but that made me that much more determined.

As the class of 2015 graduates I want you to think about that.  Understand what your odds are to reaching the level of achievement you are hoping to attain, and then kick that bitch down and go get your goal.   You can do it, just be patient, and don’t be afraid of hard work.


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