Tough Times Don’t Last….

…But tough people do.

Eight words.  34 characters. So much truth.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Its a mantra of sorts.  Something to motivate you to keep on pushing regardless of what is put in your way.  Whatever speed bump, pot hole, mountain, accident, that is placed in front of you is simply a test.  They are strategically placed to strengthen parts of your character.  Just how you add weight when you workout to get stronger, the same is for the hard times that come to you.

No, these hard times are never wanted, but they should be appreciated just as much as the high-points in your life.

I’ve had my fair share of setbacks throughout my career, but I wouldn’t ask for those burdens to be lifted off of my shoulder because they made me the man I am today.

A broken bone heals back stronger.

Tough times don’t last…


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