Who’s the Best WR in the Game Right Now?

It is a great time to be a pass-catcher in the NFL.

Today’s NFL features more and more signal-callers taking the high road to deliver their team’s yards, touchdowns, and highlights.  The rules are clearly in favor of the offense with the nit-picky pass interference calls, and the refs eagerness to call defensive holding, offenses have the upper hand by far.

I decided to take a look at which five wideouts I deemed to be the best in the biz right now, based solely on ten weeks of play. Be forewarned that Calvin Johnson Jr. is NOT on this list.  I have the utmost respect for the man and his game, but I couldn’t overlook the fact that he was injured and missed a large amount of time.

Drum Roll Please.

  1. Antonio Brown – AB is lightning in a bottle.  Dude is listed at 5-10 186, and can fly.  He has some of the fastest feet I have ever seen, in person.  Antonio has the rare combination of hands, route-running ability, and can make a small play into a huge one with his YAC ability.  Currently, Brown is tops in receptions (79) and yards (1,070), T-4th in TDs (8) , averages 13.5 per catch, and is 2nd in yards per game ( 107).Antonio Brown
  2. Dez Bryant – I personally told Dez that there was no reason that he shouldn’t be the best receiver in the game, before I left the Cowboys (or shown the door, depends on who you ask).  Dez is something like a science project.  He’s 6-2 200 and is a lot faster than people think.  The other thing is that he LOVES to play football.  Bryant is T-7th in receptions (56), 9th in yards (793), T-4th in touchdowns (8), averages 14.2 yards per catch, and is 10th in yards per game.Dez Bryant
  3. Jordy Nelson – 6-3 217 lbs, Jordy does benefit from playing with one of the best quarterbacks in the game today, but it seems like Nelson is, week in and week out, catching a go-ball down the sideline then will cut behind the safety and scamper for six.  Jordy is the lone participant of my top five to show up on all five categories.  He ranks T-7th in receptions (56), 5th in yards (889), T-4th in TDs (8), 5th in avg (15.9 per), and 5th in YPG (98.8)Jordy Nelson
  4. T.Y. Hilton – This Florida International product is only 5-9 178, but has earned comparisons to former Indianapolis Colt great, Marvin Harrison.  That is high praise, but T.Y. is definitely living up the hype.  Hilton is T-7th with Dez and Jordy in receptions with 56.  He’s accumulated 951 (3rd ovr)  of Andrew Luck’s passing yards while converting three of those into touchdowns.  T.Y. is 3rd in avg per reception of receivers with 35+ receptions (16.7 yds), and is 3rd in YPG with 104.1.T.Y. Hilton

Demaryius Thomas – Demaryius is another one of those science projects (6-3 229 and fast!) at the receiver position.  Whatever they are doing at Georgia Tech weight room is working with him and Calvin Johnson Jr. both attending the ACC university.  DT is 3rd in receptions with 65, and ranks 2nd in yards (1,002).  He goes for 15.4 yards per catch (7th), and leads the league in YPG with 111.3.  He only has six TDs on the year, but the other Thomas on the Broncos offense leads the league with 12.Demaryius ThomasI have to be honest.  If injuries to some of the game’s premier receivers like A.J. Green, and Calvin Johnson Jr, this list could be vastly different.  And yes…if I, Anthony Armstrong, were on an NFL roster as off the post, you damn right I’d be number one on that list!

Honorable Mention – Me.


Do you agree with my list? Do you have any other candidates?  Let me know in the comments below!


4 responses to “Who’s the Best WR in the Game Right Now?

  1. I think every week you could rank them and every week it would change, except for one player…AB #1 every week!

  2. Hey Anthony, this is the first time I have ever read one of your blog posts or even given any sort of attention to any blog. I just wanted to say that you really got my attention and kept me hooked on your post. I personally believe Dez is the best in the game right now but my opinions change all the time. I am from Canyon and glad to say that I am a proud supporter of the Buffs. We are going through a rough time down here right now though and have been pretty much ever since McBroom dismissed Coach Carthel from the program. He was a hell of a guy and an even better coach and Canyon was sad to say the least to see him leave after witnessing how unbelievably great he made the program. It was an envious decision that McBroom made and I, nor anyone else that I know of, agreed with it AT ALL. Until WT can get a coach that can rally the fans and get the team effort back where it needs to be then we are pretty much stuck here. But there is still much hope and there will always be much hope. I hope and pray we can get someone even half as good as Carthel was. That would be 10X better than where we are at now. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan of yours and hopefully I’ll bump into you at a WT game one of these days. Take care man.

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