No Peace By Afterthought

2014-07-06 08.42.47-1

We will not have peace by afterthought. -Norman Cousins

Norman Cousins got it right with this one.  You cannot and will not find any peace if we let our minds remain in past circumstances.  The majority of the time, we seem to focus on the negative situations that occurred and those act as an encumbrance to our future growth.

Michael Jordan is, arguably, the best basketball player to ever play the game.  Do you think it would have been possible for him to reach those heights if he continued to stress over his last missed shot?  We have to get out of that negative way of thinking in order to grow.

I challenge you all to let go of the anchor that may be weighing you down that’s in your past. Lift your head up and win the day!  Like Antonio Brown says, #CUEUPU, Chest Up, Eyes Up, Prayed Up.


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