The most anticipated day of the offseason for NFL fans is finally upon us.

The NFL Draft is here!

Over the next three days, we all will bear witness to seeing boys achieve their ultimate dream of playing in the pros.  Tears will be shed, necks will be hugged, and cheeks kissed (yall know Grandmas red lips will make an appearance).  You can’t help but feel great for these guys and their families.These twenty-somethings will now be expected to instantly improve their new team’s roster and take them to the promised land.

I have watched every draft for the last twenty years or more, and compared the birth years to my own, counting down to my admittance into the NFL fraternity.  My story wasn’t the traditional route, but I got there.

I am both happy and proud of the 250+ men that will join the frat over the next three days, but I am especially excited for those undrafted free agents that will be the long shots, the underdogs, or the “camp-bodies”.  I’ve been that guy, and I wish them all the best.

It doesn’t matter what path you take, as long as the destination is the same.  Be it Jadaveon Clowney, or an undrafted-free-agent-to-be-named-later, you’re both in the league.

Congratulations, and welcome to the club.



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