Wide Receiver Analysis: Mike Evans


Mike Evans

That’s one mean stiff-arm…95 yards later. TD

Mike Evans is a big man. Just a tick under 6’5″ and 231 lbs he’s been described as a power-forward in cleats.  He plays with an attitude and a swagger to match (see image above).  He uses his physical stature to relocate defenders for his benefit on routes.  Kid is a handful at the LOS. Johnny Manziel’s play-extending ability is going to make Mike Evans one rich man. Not to mention that he hands out stiff-arms like Halloween candy.

Only running a 4.5 forty at the combine, Evans will not wow you with his speed, but I saw him continually behind defenders from using his strength to get past them.  The big man did manage to take a quick screen 60 yds vs that Auburn defense in 2013.  Evans does have above average YAC for a player his size as well.

Evans 95 yd TD vs Alabama:

Evans catches just about every pass thrown his way. He has the body control to twist and the arm length (35 1/8″) to reach any football thrown in his area code.  Game after game I saw defenders draped Evans, and he still found a way to come up with the ball.

He is still very raw on his route running, but he makes up for it with his ability to get separation with his strength.  In all honesty, I don’t think a team will be drafting him because he can route and DB up at will.  What he can do is move him out of the way, catch the ball, and power his way into the endzone.

The first pro that comes to mind that I would compare Evans to is Tampa bay Buccaneer Vincent Jackson.  They are literally the same person.  Both stand 6’5 and weigh 230 lbs with basketball backgrounds.  After watching a quick highlight of Jackson’s 2013 season, the likeness was cemented.

Mike Evans benefited from Johnny Manziel’s ability to extend plays and sling the ball his way.  He was his go-to-guy and came up time and time again.  He definitely put himself in the discussion of a 1st round talent.  I think Lovie Smith would love to draft him at #7 and let Jackson mentor him to be his eventual replacement, giving Tampa two giants out on the edges that catch anything in their vicinity.  If WRs come off of the board fast and he isn’t chosen, don’t be surprised if a team trades back into the 1st to snag him.

It doesn’t hurt that he already wears #13… #ijs


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