Wide Receiver Analysis: Kelvin Benjamin


Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin makes the go ahead TD in the National Championship game vs Auburn


Standing 6’5 240 lbs, Kelvin Benjamin is a physical specimen.  He may not have game breaking speed (4.61 40 yd dash), but he was continually found behind defenders and jumping over the others.  I think he could have benefited from another season at Florida State to clean up some things, but you can’t knock the potential.

The first game I watched, at Florida, I got ‘Good Kelvin’ and ‘Bad Kelvin’ all in the ten minute clip.  He would fly past CBs for a deep post, or fly by the defender on a straight ‘go’ route, then follow it with an uncontested drop.  What he does show is the ability to climb the ladder and “Moss” DBs on a consistent basis.  He must make the easy plays as well to become a complete player.

Benjamin’s routes don’t jump out on film.  Although he wasn’t asked to run many precise routes, when he did, his transition wasn’t smooth. His route running technique should take precedence when he gets into an NFL camp.  He should find the technician of the WR corps and pick his brain to his benefit.

I don’t think Benjamin plays with as much strength that he should.  There are too many times where he is bodied by smaller players to separate him from the ball, or go through him to make a tackle when he was blocking.  He does put his strength on display when he has YAC opportunities.

I don’t usually speak about blocking, but Benjamin doesn’t use his frame to his advantage to dominate his blocking assignments.  As big as he is, you would expect to see many more pancakes and ‘uncles’ on his opponents.

Kelvin Benjamin is a guy that has a plethora of physical tools that you cannot coach: size and length.  I don’t think he gets chosen in the 1st round, but will be chosen on the 2nd day.  He is a project that will need a year of hard coaching to get him to play with more physicality and consistency.  He reminds me of Alshon Jeffery of the Chicago Bears.  Jeffery’s first NFL season was far from spectacular, but with some persistent coaching from teammate Brandon Marshall, Alshon bounced back in a big way with 89 catches, 1421 yds and 7 TDs.

Benjamin will be drafted, but will need a year of grooming.  A year that he could of had back at Florida State.


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