Wide Receiver Analysis: Cody Hoffman

Cody Hoffman has the physical skills to succeed in the NFL.

Cody Hoffman has the physical skills to succeed in the NFL.

Cody Hoffman is a 6’3 215 lb WR out of BYU that plays like a much smaller wideout because of his agility and press release techniques.  There were reports that he had trouble getting off of press coverage versus smaller DBs while at the Senior Bowl.  The film shows that he does a lot of “dancing” at the LOS and doesn’t attack the defender at the beginning of his routes.  A patient NFL DB will be able to wait for Hoffman to make his decision and control him.

Hoffman constantly lined up all over the field, both split wide and in the slot.  When lined up at the X or Z, he was most effective running in-cutting routes like slants or digs, especially against free access.  While in the slot, Cody was effective running slant routes across the face of defenders and making catches in tight windows.

One thing thing that constantly shows itself is Hoffman’s ability to make the big play.  He will frequently high-point the football over a defender’s head, and maintain concentration while being contacted.  Now, you can’t overlook  the drops that are few and far between, but you cant help but go back to…

#SCTop10 Catch vs Georgia Tech:

Hoffman’s transition can definitely use some tweaking. He doesn’t create much separation vs tight coverage and that forces him to display his strong hands.  If he works to be more efficient in his footwork, he will be a more dangerous player.

One thing that is impressive is his YAC ability. For as big as he is, he can make defenders miss and turn five yard catches into first downs.

Ex-Cougar Cody Hoffman doesn’t have blazing speed, but it shouldn’t stop him from being an effective NFL WR.  He needs to play with the physicality that is expected from his build.  I think this guy has the ability to play like a thinner Brandon Marshall.  His run after the catch is special for his size, and his big play ability is special.  Hoffman will be a team’s consistent possession guy with these improvements.  He could benefit, like Terrance Williams did in Dallas, from having weapons around him.  It will give him confidence while gaining the necessary experience from playing in the games.


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